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How Common Are Medical Bankruptcies?

Many people believe that they would never be in the position where they would even need to consider bankruptcy. However, a severe injury, illness, or chronic medical condition can frequently lead to significant debts and the need for a medical bankruptcy. While it is...

What Are the Pros and Cons of Filing for Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is a big decision in the life of an individual and for a family. While the bankruptcy process can seem intimidating to those who consider it, the truth is that bankruptcy can be a valuable tool for people who have fallen significantly behind on...

Should I Consider a Tax-Motivated Bankruptcy?

The first few weeks of April means that many--if not most--Americans are thinking about their state and federal tax obligations. Some taxpayers are fortunate enough to receive a federal or state income tax refund. However, others may find themselves facing a hefty tax...

What Type of Bankruptcy Will Work if I Have Credit Card Debt?

It seems that you can scarcely go a day without seeing advertisements for credit cards. Whether these ads are online, on the television or radio, or in magazines, they all tempt us with promises of finally being able to have financial freedom. In particular, mailers...

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