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Stephan is very knowledgeable about both personal and business taxation, as well as bankruptcy. I came to him with a client who had the IRS and Franchise Tax Board breathing down her neck, and she was deeply considering bankruptcy for herself and her business. After meeting with Stephan and helping my client weigh her options, we were able to avoid bankruptcy and reach a resolution with the IRS and looming creditors. I can truly say that Stephan is a rarity. Unlike most tax attorneys, he has hands-on experience due to his background as an Enrolled Agent. I strongly recommend contacting him for your taxation and bankruptcy needs!

Andrew P.
Westminster, CA

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Eric, Steve, and Ed of the TBG have been excellent throughout our BK process. Eric has spent countless hours answering our questions, patiently and with a smile. They never judged or made us feel bad for having to go through this process; it was a very respectful process and they provided the facts for us. When we went through the 341B meeting, Steve met us there and we had to sit through 8 other cases before ours was called. It was very obvious from the countless issues other debtors were having that TBG dots every I and crosses every T. We had one minor question (pulse check) and we were on our way. They are very professional, knowledgeable, and you can tell they truly care about their clients. I would recommend TBG to anyone who has to go through this process.

Amanda P.
Lincoln, CA



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I had a consultation with them tonight, and knew instantly that I was going to have them represent me. Being young and having to file bankruptcy again as a second time, you expect some judgment, and yet they were very understanding. They made me feel comfortable while explaining my debt, and explained what they could do to make my stress go away. I am thankful for Yelp and all of the positive reviews that give these guys the credit they deserve. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you!!

Maureen H.
Roseville, CA

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