About The Bankruptcy Group

The Bankruptcy Group is a California Professional Law Corporation. Our mission is to provide the highest level of client service in the areas of Bankruptcy (Chapters 7 and 13), Asset Protection, and Debt Relief for consumers and small business owners.

This site exists to provide information about our firm, the bankruptcy process, and the potential benefits of filing for bankruptcy. In most cases, bankruptcy is not the end of the line, more often it’s the beginning of the rebuilding and healing process. The jumping-off point for the rest of your life, debt free, stress free, and able to focus on the really important things in life: earning a living; working on relationships; and spending quality time with family.

The Recession and the Real Estate and Mortgage Meltdown have affected people of all walks of life. Professionals, small business owners, salaried and hourly employees, and retirees struggle with overwhelming debt. Job loss, underemployment, and disability are all common factors that lead to financial difficulty. Payment resets on adjustable mortgages, loan modification denials, failed short sales, and foreclosure are in many cases the “last straw” that moves people to look for professional help. It is extremely important to choose your representation carefully. Not all bankruptcy firms are created equal, and as bankruptcy services are in high demand, many firms have added bankruptcy to an already long list of “specialties.” In contrast, our entire practice is dedicated to bankruptcy law. Our highly skilled team has successfully filed and discharged hundreds of personal and small business bankruptcies. Our fees are affordable – we get paid for performance, and we get results.

Call us today to schedule a free comprehensive consultation. At your consultation we will determine if you are qualified to file bankruptcy. Discuss the Chapters of bankruptcy available to you, and what approach would be most beneficial to your individual situation. We will talk about the time-line and what to expect during the process. You will understand exactly what the cost will be (our bankruptcy fees are package priced – no surprises). We will answer all of your questions. You will be able to make a fully informed decision on how to move forward.

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